How to Apply AP Epass Online

Brief information about “Ap epass” is a general term every student of Andhra Pradesh state come across which is termed as “Electronic Payment and Application of System of Scholarships” and is an online scholarship gateway initiated by the Andhra Pradesh government to help the poor students in the state.

Why is Ap Epass Application Required?

Education has become a minimum need for every human, in order to increase the literacy rate in State the government has started scholarship scheme to help poor students across ap. But, due to corruption, delay in processing applications, etc, the scheme didn’t achieve the desired results. Hence, the government to overcome these type of problems started an online application procedure for the scheme with name AP EPASS. Every student aspiring for reimbursement of the tuition fee (RTF) and maintenance fee or mess fee (MTF) must apply online through portal using the link:

What are the eligibility criteria to apply for ap epass scholarships?

To benefit a maximum number of poor students, the state government permits only the students who meet the set of eligible conditions. You can check your eligibility by reading the guidelines from official.

Even though you can give a try by applying online by following proper application process, if you meet terms & conditions of  then you will get reimbursement of tuition fee and maintenance fee (or at least tuition fee).

How to apply and  How to register 

Students must know the correct way of the application procedure to get scholarships, if you commit any mistakes in an application then there is a chance that your application may get rejected. So ensure that you are giving correct information while applying. First, you need to register on the portal if you are applying for a scholarship for the first time. Once you register successfully then login and proceed to fill the ap epass application as per guidelines. Make sure to register and apply for the scholarship as soon as possible because the portal servers may be busy during the last moment (

How to print application or acknowledgment?

It is advised for every student to take a printout of application after submission. At least, you should keep an acknowledgment copy of an application for future reference. You can take print out of your  application or application acknowledgment copy using print acknowledgment or application copy through specific option at, for this you need to provide basic details such as your SSC Examination number, Year of pass, Academic year, SSC pass type, and your date of birth (as per SSC).

How to check application status online?

Once you successfully register and apply for Andhra Pradesh epass scholarship, it is always essential to know the status of the application. Such that, if there is any mistake in application then you can try to rectify it as soon as possible. To check application status you need to visit the official portal.

How much scholarship will I get?

Every student and parent will be having a doubt that how much reimbursement will they get. Yes, you must know how much reimbursement you will get for the course you opted and based on your caste, income, etc.  There will be two components of fee such as tuition fee and maintenance fee or mess charges. Each student will get the benefit of either tuition fee or both based on eligibility criteria he meets set by the government based on the group he belongs to (all the courses or disciplines of education are segregated into various groups with various reimbursement rates per month).

Reason for Rejection of ap epass application

Check the status of ap epass application on a regular basis to know whether your application is accepted or rejected. If accepted what is the status of your application and if rejected what is the reason for rejection? Such that you can rectify you mistakes and re-apply (if there is chance to do so). Ap students can check below link to find the reason for rejection of their application:

What to do if ap epass application is rejected?

If your application got rejected, then first check what is the reason for rejection from the official website. The officials will mention the appropriate reason for rejecting your application. In general, reason will be like submitting incomplete certificates such as educational or income certificate or caste certificate or wrong date of birth or etc., check for the same. Along with the reason some information will be provided to you to find the way and whom to approach to resolve the issue such as verification officer or district officer or college principal or correct income certificate or etc. Check the complete set of instructions and FAQs on application at the official link mentioned above.

If you need any further help regarding application then you can contact the ap  officials through below details:

Project Monitoring Unit
The Director of Social Welfare,
Service Road Opposite to Manipal Hospital,
TG Plaza
Vijayawada – 520001
Phone : 040-23120411,23120412 (Technical Issues)
All Calls will be answered 10:30 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. on Working Days
e-mail : [email protected]

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