APGLI Application Status | Annual Account Slip

APGLI: Andhra Pradesh Government Life Insurance (APGLI) is one of the oldest insurance departments in the State. It mainly focuses on the Social Security Measure for the welfare of the Government employees. Therefore it ensures protection for the families of the deceased Govt. employees and to extend their assistance at the time of retirement. Thus Andhra Pradesh state government employees can subscribe to APGLI bond, to avail various benefits. 

To know more information about APGLI follows the official website of www.apgli.ap.gov.in. Here we will provide all important details like 

  • How to apply for a policy 
  • Procedure to search APGLI policy number
  • Application Status

iii.  How to get APGLI an Annual Account slip

  1. How to search the status of application/loan/claim
  2. Procedure to download application form of policy/loan 

However, we will help you to get all the necessary details of APGLI.

APGLI Scheme was introduced in 1907 by the Nizam of the erstwhile state of Hyderabad for the welfare and safety of his employees. Initially this scheme was called Family fund but Later it was renamed as Hyderabad State Life Insurance Fund in the year 1913. Thus after the formation of Andhra Pradesh State in 1956, it was changed as “Andhra Pradesh Government Life Insurance Fund (APGLI”.  However the APGLI Department is working under the control of Administrative Control of the Finance Department.

Important Features and Benefits of APGLI:

  1. APGLI Policy Bonds do not lapse
  2. The premium rates are low

iii.  It offers very attractive bonus rates

  1. APGLI premium is exempted from income tax under section 80
  2. The loan can be sanctioned up to 90% of the surrender value of APGLI policy vi.  The present rate of Bonus is Rs 100/- for every Rs 1000/- Sum will be Assured annually State government employees who are between 21 years and 53 years of age are eligible to take APGLI Policies

viii.  Only 9% of Simple Interest per annum is charged against loans 

  1. In the case of Death of the policyholder before the maturity of the policy, the legal heirs will be paid the full Sum Assured along with Bonus 
  2. The total Assured sum and Bonus till Date of maturity are paid to the policyholder in case of maturity of the policy

Functions of APGLI Directorate: All activities of APGLI policies are managed by the Directorate. The Directorate in turn controls the District Insurance Offices and Implements the Government orders issued from time to time. Some of the major functions of the APGLI Directorate and District insurance Offices are

  • Issue of Policies.
  • Sanction of Loans
  • Posting of Schedule Premiums
  • Settlement of Claims.

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APGLI Premium Bond Rates:

Before submitting Proposal form employees have to check below given APGLI essential Premium Slab Rates. 

  Slab Pay Rates in Rupees    Obligatory Premium Rates in Rupees
  6,700 to 8,440          250
  8,441 to 10,990        350
  10,901 to 14,860        450
  14,861 to 18,030      600
  18,031 to 25,600         750
  25,601 and above         1,000

Procedure to submit APGLI Proposal Form:

State government employees who are willing to apply for this policy APGLI have to follow the given steps. 

Steps 1: Visit the official website of APGLI http://apgli.ap.gov.in/Home.aspx 

Step 2: Select the download tab, the next page will display a list of option

Step 3: from the list select “Proposal for Insurance on own life (fresh/enhancement)”

Step 4: automatically application will be downloaded to your computer, take the printout of application

Step 5: fill the application form

The first page contains personal details like name, father name, designation, DOB, office address, basic pay, salary details, and nomination details.

The second page contains subscription details, health details, and your head office details

The third page you have to enter treasury token number and date of the token issued

Step 6: then submit the filled application at MEO/HM office

Step 7: your proposal will be verified by the officer 

How to apply for APGLI Bond:

  1. After the verification of the Proposal form
  2. Within 15 days, APGLI will deduct the first Premium as per slab rates from salary

iii.  Again After the deduction of the first Premium, the employee has to fill up and submit a proposal form duly signed and attested by DDO/Head of office for obtaining APGLI policy 

  • Then your proposal form will be processed and DDO will forward the form to the Directorate and District Insurance Offices
  • Then APGLI will issue the policy bond within 15 days. 

Procedure to Track the APGLI Application Status:

after the successful submission of application employees can track their application status by following the given steps.

  1. Visit the official website http://apgli.ap.gov.in/Home.aspx 
  2. Then select Status from Menu Bar
  3. On the next page, you have to enter the necessary fields
  • Policy number
  • Applicant name
  • Section: issue of policy/loan/claim
  • Financial year 
  • Captcha code and click on the view tab
  1. On the next page, the status of your application will be displayed
  2. Check the status of whether the application is processed or not.   

APGLI Annual Account Slip:

if any employee wants to check the annual account slip, then follow the given procedure

  • Visit the APGLI official website 
  • Select the Annual Account Slip from the menu bar
  • On the next page enter your 
  1. Policy number
  2. Select financial year

iii.  Captcha code and click on view report

  • The next page will display your annual account slip report.

APGLI Policy Bond Download process:

Employees can easily download the APGLI Bond by following the given steps:

  • first, visit the official website
  • Then select the policy Bond on the Menu bar
  • On the next, you have to enter
  1. Enter policy number with no errors
  2. From the drop-down menu, the employee has to select the correct suffix
  3. Enter the given captcha code and click on get Policy bond
  • The bond will appear on the screen, then click on the download tab and take the print of the APGLI bond.

How to get Duplicate APGLI Policy Bond:

policyholders can apply for the duplicate bonds when the original policy has been mistakenly destroyed or can’t be found. Follow the given 3 steps to get a duplicate bond

Step 1: Payment to DDO: Duplicate bond cost is one rupee and the employees have to make a request to DDO to deduct this amount from their salary in addition to the regular premium payment.

Step 2: Declaration Form of Compliance: after deduction, it is mandatory for an employee to submit a special declaration stating why they would like to have a duplicate

Step 3: District Insurance Officer Submission: the employee has to submit the above declaration form along with a copy of the monthly schedule to the particular District Insurance Office. However the DDO – Head of Office will verify the request and issue the duplication of policy bonds. 

Therefore all state government employees can apply for APGLI policy and get all the benefits under this scheme. But Employees who have completed 53 years of age are not eligible to take APGLI policies either first or subsequent. So Proposals submitted after 53 years will not be considered for the issue of policies even if premiums are paid before the age limit.

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